July 2022 Recap

July 2022 Recap
Fireworks = July right? Photo by kaleb tapp / Unsplash

I decided I want to do a recap of how my month went for content creation and indie app development. This will be a post full of data from my Google Analytics for this website, Medium, Twitch, YouTube, and Instagram accounts. It will also include some stats from my iOS Apps.

This blog

New blog posts: 0

Total Users on the site: 282

New Users on the site: 275

Most popular post: What is Materials in SwiftUI?

Most popular page (besides Homepage): Uses

Google Analytics graph
282 Users this month

With no new blog posts, how did I get people to my site? Believe it or not, it is the organic search. I thought it would be referral due to my Instagram account, but a lot of people are finding my articles through some kind of search.

Organic search brings in the most users

The income from the blog is only coffee's or subscriptions. I don't count affiliate money from the Uses page.


New posts: 0

Total Followers: 261

Email Subscribers: 3

Referred members: 1

Most popular post: How I setup a new Mac for iOS Development


New posts: 19 (mix of both reels and photos)

Total Followers: 12,394


Streamed hours: 13.75

Total Followers: 309


Subscribers: 412

New videos: 5 (mix of shorts and long form videos)

iOS Apps

I have three apps in the App Store. One, Universe Converter for ArtNet, is completely neglected, hasn't been updated since 2020, and is free to download. iHog is paid up front. coffee_ is a free to download app. I plan on updating most of these apps this year to hopefully increase usage and decrease crashes.

Universe Converter for ArtNet

Impressions: 1.5K

Units: 15

Sessions: 17


Impressions: 1.5K

Units: 5

Sessions: 3


Impressions: 1.4K

Units: 10

Sessions: 42

This month was an interesting month because I didn't do much on my blog or Medium and those were heavily visited channels.