My WWDC 2022 wish list

My WWDC 2022 wish list
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Making this list reminds me of when I was a kid and needed to make a Christmas list for Santa. If you don't know what WWDC is, here's the gist.

WWDC stands for World Wide Developer Conference. It is hosted by Apple usually sometime in June. WWDC is where the developers that make applications or games learn about what new and shiny tool or feature Apple has made that may make their life easier or harder. Sometimes there is hardware announced, like the Mac Pro. We also get a sneak peek into what is expected in the following operating systems of Apple's hardware.

My list is mainly going to focus on code and new OS features. I don't want to think about hardware coming out since I just made a purchase. I've broken my list up into sections to make it easier to follow.


  • SwiftUI native share sheet - currently, you have to reach into UIKit to do this
  • SwiftUI function to save a view as an image - currently, you have to reach into UIKit to do this
  • CoreData is more Combine friendly

Xcode improvements

  • Project-specific themes
  • Better integration with git submodules

iOS 16

  • A message can be marked as unread


  • AR/VR headset - can someone say RealityOS cause Apple sure can now that they have the patent

This is not a complete rumor list, just a list of things I'd be happy with.

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