The Year of Growth

The Year of Growth
Photo by Maegan Wilson

Alright. First thing I’m gonna address. Vlogmas did not work. Too many videos. Too many things happening in December. It was just too much for me to take on. I did a solid week, which I was proud of, but after that I was done. I had distractions and not enough time to do a video a day.

My last vlog/video on this channel was about my goals for year 29 and my first video for 2022 this one is about my theme for 2022 and why they are different but will lead into each other.

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Themes vs Goals vs Resolutions

So new year new you right? You probably set a resolution or two because that’s what we’re are always taught to do, but how often do you actually keep them? If you’re anything like me, it’s way too many to count… If I don’t keep the resolution, then what’s the point of making them? This is truly why I left the idea of resolutions and introduced themes into my life in 2021.

What is a Theme and how did I come up with that idea?

A theme is like a guiding principal for the year. I am not smart enough to come up with a theme, but the dynamic duo of CGP Grey and Myke Hurley came up with the idea. They talk about it extensively on their podcast Cortex, and you can learn how to make your own theme by checking out the website After listening to a few podcast episodes about Themes I was hooked. I bought the journal and there I went.

My goals and my themes are intertwined. A theme is kinda guiding my goals, which means in addition to my 3 goals set to complete by 29, I've come up with "ideal outcomes" for the year. This is what I hope will happen from focusing on my theme for the year.

What is my theme for 2022?

The time you've all been waiting for. What is my focus for 2022? Why did I choose my theme? How did I choose my theme?



"The year of growth"

My ideal outcomes from this year are:

  • A better routine for uploading videos to YouTube (Personal focus)
  • Have a better understanding of react (Career focus)
  • Grow my app development income (iOS developer focus)
  • Have a stronger closer relationship with my wife (Personal focus)

I chose the year of growth because I do a lot of things, but I'm not really a master in any, so this year I want to be better in the things I already do. I didn't articulate this well in my YouTube video, but it is a very real reason as to why I need this year to be focused on growth of my current skills and not adding more things to my plate.

I journal every day to keep track of my progress. In the YouTube video, I showed my outline of the journal page where I say something that went well, something that didn't, and what I'm doing to work towards my ideal outcomes. I then listented to the latest Cortex episode and changed it up a bit to be more like Grey does his. Now, I'll check what I'm greatful for that day, what went well, and still how I'm trucking forward.