Here is a page that lists everything I use and that's on my desk. I try to keep it as up to date as possible.

The links below are referral links which means I’ll get either store credit or money from you using the links. I appreciate you using them!

Some items were given to me but that doesn't change how I feel about the products I use. If I didn't like them, I wouldn't use them or I would say I don't recommend the products.


I have a standing desk and it's great. I love being able to stand up and take a break from sitting.

Autonomous referral link:

Autonomous Smart desk frame -

Autonomous Ergo Chair Pro -

AVLT Dual monitor mount -


I actually run 3 computers during the day, 1 MacBook Pro 16" from work, 1 Mac Mini for streaming and content creation, and 1 MacBook Pro 14" for app development and video editing when I don't want to be tied to my desk.

Mac Mini M1 - - My always on computer that handles my streaming. The only thing I don't like about the Mac Mini is that it's limited to one display out from the USB C port on the back. I have to run a separate HDMI cable from the unit to my Dell monitor.

MacBook Pro 14" - - My untethered beast I can take anywhere and do anything on

LG 34” Ultra wide

Dell monitor - this was given to me by work. I've been using this model of monitor for the last 5 years from work and it's been great and is quite solid.

BenQ Screenbar

USB C Hub -

CalDigit TS3+ - Thunderbolt 3 dock that is amazing. I can hook my computers up by just swapping one cable.

Stream Deck

Magic Trackpad


Keychron Q1 Keyboard

I purchased a Keychron Q1 that was fully built, but I ended up putting my own keycaps and switches in it anyway. Here are links to the pieces I used.

Keychron Q1 Keyboard in Navy Blue

Extended 2048 Keycaps by biip

KTT Mallo Switches


Rode PodMic

Elgato LP Mic Arm

Rodecaster Pro


Rode wireless Go II


Sony A7IV

Sony 20mm G Lens

ATEM Mini Switcher

Godox SL60w